Sunday, 27 February 2011

Phimosis, redundant prepuce, and mental health

Just a short post.

An interesting new study by Yang et al. reveals news that shouldn't be terribly surprising: "Patients with redundant prepuce or phimosis have poor mental health, and there is an interaction between PE [premature ejaculation] and the mental state of the patient."

As I said, this shouldn't be terribly surprising. But it does make one wonder about the degree to which prophylactic circumcision might prevent this suffering, especially as phimosis is not uncommon. I'm not saying that widespread circumcision would be justified on this basis alone, but clearly it should be incorporated into cost-benefit models.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that keeping this kind of blog with FULL of false information is legal.

Dude, you really have some sort of mental issues.. I feel sorry for you. said...


Do you have some kind of email? I agree 100% with your views, and would love to discuss them with you; the amount of people who are lubriciously opposed to circumsision is staggering. I guess when you are an overprotective, "helicoptor" parent, you would be willing to believe anything and everything can have a detrimental, AWFUL, HORRIBE, effect on your child. ;)

I am not against circumcision; to this day, I am debating on whether I should circumcise mine. I'm pretty sure I'm going to, because I am circumcised as well. And I know he'll be okay, because of two reasons: One, I'm perfectly fine (Loss of sensastion?! If I had more sensation, it would be annoying!) and two: I'll have a professional do it.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. But again, I'd enjoy talking with you via email about this whole issue...I think you can educate me a lot.


Mike said...

I have phimosis, and on July 8th I will be circumcised to treat it. I also am being treated for Mental Health issues (depression) so I'm kind of stunned I clicked on this blog for the first time and found this article.

Anonymous said...

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